Lash Glue - Eyelash Adhesive Glue

$ 162

•Long lasting 

Our Lash Glue works with any type of false eyelashes, including synthetic, mink, human hair and silk. It's super easy to apply—simply brush on a thin layer to the base of your lashes and let dry for 30 seconds before applying your lashes.

You'll love how long-lasting this lash glue is: it stays on all day without smudging or flaking off!

Why choose this product


Our lash glue is made with hypoallergenic and latex-free ingredients. It is specially formulated for all skin types as well as sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Our lash glue is water and sweat proof, making it the perfect adhesive for those with a busy lifestyle!

Not Runny

Our formula is not runny and fast drying, it allows you to apply your lashes in under a minute!

All Day Wear

Our lash glue is formulated to give you soft, long lasting comfort. Great for those who want to keep their lashes on all day or just need a little bit of help gripping the lashes!


“This glue is perfect. No joke. Super easy to apply! It doesn’t lift even if you cry! I’m obsessed with everything I’ve bought from Boss Bae Lashes but this glue was definitely a game changer!”

Esmeralda C.

“Hands down the BEST lash glue I have tried, the black is my favorite, & girl when she says it’s waterproof she ain’t messing around! Your lashes are not budging, great for everyday or for any special occasions where you might shed a tear or two”

Jessica G.

“Y'all gotta try this lash glue. Easiest application and it works soooo good!!”

Cloe E.

“Listen, I’ve tried a lot of lash glues. This one is easily the best one I’ve ever tried. Once you apply your lashes, they’re on! The cute packaging is a plus. Trust me, get this glue. ”

Jerica T.


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